Sadie Stevens is the four-legged daughter of McQuade Managing Director William Stevens and his wife, Janine. She welcomes clients at the consulting firm with a lick, sniff and a wag - interested in doing whatever she can to make your visit to McQuade memorable.


In her own words.

Spending time at McQuade with my dad and all his great coworkers is one of my favorite activities. I consider myself very friendly and approachable and am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to any clients or guests. I truly feel part of the McQuade team and do my unique part to put smiles on faces.

I love long walks along the Canton/Fells Point waterfront, where I have the opportunity to stretch my legs and meet new friends (canine and human). My dad says I have a very acute sense of smell and can discover a discarded pizza crust anywhere. He always has to keep his eye on me!

Dad also enjoys doing home improvement projects and I’m always eager to lend a helping paw.
When I’m not patrolling city sidewalks, you can find me taking a dip in the ocean at Dewey Beach. I love the ocean breeze and the feel of sand on my paws.