Senior Consultant

With more than 20 years of experience in employee benefit consulting, Nikki is well versed in product knowledge, self-funding, plan design, cost containment, underwriting, claim resolution, and account management.

410-732-7320 Ext. 103

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In her own words.

For me, the biggest thing about McQuade is the people. We all work so well together and everyone really cares about each other. We also really care about our clients and everyone works together to make the McQuade client experience the best it can be. Some companies skate by doing the minimum. We are the polar opposite of that.
Family is very important to me and I spend a lot of time with them. I show people that I care about them through food. I love to cook, but don’t do pre-chopped vegetables. I find cooking very cathartic and really enjoy everything that goes into food preparation. I enjoy living in the city’s Mount Vernon cultural district and spend a lot of time dining out and socializing.

I am also a beach bunny – all my passport stamps are tropical. Key West is one of my favorite places, and I visit at least once a year. My dream is to open a fish taco stand someday.

Volunteering is important to me, and I chair the donations committee for the Tyanna Foundation. Additionally, I am involved in other general volunteer activities throughout the year which support the Tyanna Foundation’s mission.

We chose McQuade as our employee benefit consultant/broker primarily because of our long standing and superb relationship with our primary contact over the past decade. Nikki Baker has served Osiris since before I joined the company in early 2005. She consistently ensures our employees receive first class service from otherwise difficult insurance providers, wins the trust and confidence of our employees during our annual open enrollments and is tough and smart enough to bring the internal resources to bear during renewal to minimize the premiums, so that we receive excellent value for the benefit dollars we spend."

Phillip Jacoby

CFO at Osiris Therapeutics