Client Manager

Heather Myers has 17 years of customer service experience. She joined the McQuade team in 2014 as a client coordinator and moved into the account management department in 2016.

410-732-7320 Ext. 106

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In her own words.

All of my jobs have centered around helping people, but McQuade is different than anything I've ever done. Here, everyone is working together for the company. I wear several different hats here. I support and organize client interactions to make sure everyone has a great experience and manage our social media marketing and IT infrastructure.

I love to travel and try new things – like jumping off a 90-foot-cliff in Jamaica, zip lining while visiting the Mayan ruins or biking to Assateague Island in one day.

Family means a lot to me. Most of my time is spent with my husband watching our young daughter grow and explore new things. Our immediate family is small, and even though we don’t all live close by we keep in touch and check in on one another as much as possible.

Our summers are filled with trips to our parents’ houses at the beach where we spend time at the pool, and go fishing, crabbing and clamming.

Fitness is a focus for me, and my family. We joined the neighborhood YMCA to be good role models for my daughter and to teach her how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Heather has no fear. We decided to invest in CRM software that enables us to track our opportunities and client responsibilities, and Heather was asked to lead the charge. She asks the right questions and applies pressure when pressure is needed."

Bill Stevens

Managing Director at McQuade Consulting