Senior Consultant

When Anne worked as the decision maker for employee benefits at Fleck Machine from 2008-2012, she had the unique opportunity to view McQuade from the perspective of a customer. The customer experience was so much better with McQuade than it had been with two other brokers, and that really distinguished McQuade from the rest. Impressed with the service and personal touch she received, she joined the McQuade team as a consultant in 2012.


Connect with Anne

In her own words.

Having worked with McQuade as a customer, I’m in the unique position to serve as an ambassador for the company. Insurance these days is like another language, so I really feel like we’re helping people and making their lives easier. I know it sounds funny to say, but working in employee benefits consulting is a very rewarding job. Whether you’re explaining a new law, helping people come up with creative solutions for coverage or helping companies attract and retain the best employees - it’s really about working with the company to help them grow and take things off their plate.

This is my 16th-year with The Tyanna Foundation, which was started by me and my four sisters to honor our mother, Tyanna, who died of breast cancer at age 48. The Tyanna Foundation operates in five U.S. cities, has hundreds of volunteers and raises money that stays local and truly helps people. The goal of our organization is to make breast cancer more comfortable for patients - and less prevalent on the planet. We hold annual events such as “BreastFest.”

I also teach pilates and Body Pump at the MAC and enjoy heading to “the happiest place on Earth,” Dewey Beach as often as I can.

Anne has been a true partner in the Baltimore Urban Debate League's efforts to provide the very best in benefits to our employees while ensuring the best value for our organization. Anne's knowledge of the field and her personalized approach with us has made the all the difference in the world. When a challenge arises with health insurance it can be stressful and anxiety provoking...Anne's responsiveness to individual needs and her ability and willingness to advocate for us and get the answers we require has been a huge help."

Pam Block Brier

CEO at Baltimore Urban Debate League