McQuade Consulting: Featured in Baltimore Magazine


McQuade Consulting is proud to be interviewed for┬áBaltimore SmartCEO Magazine’s article “Risk and Reward: How to Ensure Your M&A Transaction is Profitable”.


One of the biggest challenges after a merger or acquisition is creating a complementary corporate culture. Failing to integrate a new culture into a business’ pre-existing culture can cause a rift within the work environment. The “us” versus “them” mentality can stop a business in it tracks. William J. Stevens, managing director and CFO of McQuade Consulting LLC, knows firsthand how troublesome merging culture can be.

“If you hear employee talking about how things were done in the prior company, then you are at risk of losing them because they identify with where they came from versus where they are,” he says. “A key to determining the line that separates the two is if the employee uses the word ‘we’ versus ‘you.'” There is no getting around the fact that there are always going to be roughly 15 percent of the workforce who will not drink the new flavor of Kool-Aid…. Read the entire article