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Act Your Age


As a child, my father would always yell at me and say, “Act your age!” My smart mouth would usually reply, “I am! I’m a kid.” This usually resulted in appropriate spankings and punishments that always ended with me being sent to my room. What’s the point of the story you ask? I often try […]

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How the ACA Affects Your Tax Return


The Washington Business Journal recently ran an article that explains how the Affordable Care Act affects the upcoming tax season. New reporting requirements may make filing your taxes trickier than usual for both individuals and businesses, but there are tools available to help you through the process. Read the entire article here.

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STD in the workplace


I know this is a topic that most people don’t want to talk about but it is serious.  STDs are not to be taken lightly and the effect they have on your workforce can be devastating. For those of you that thought I was referring to sexually transmitted diseases please get you head out of […]

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Hiring Talent


Every May a new graduating class enters the world seeking employment. And for me, typically I lose 2 or 3 employees who have been working for us while they have been working toward their degree. Owning a retail store has many challenges, but the most difficult part of owning the business is finding the right […]

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